About Simon

I’m a freelance Software Engineer and Kotlin Enthusiast. I have been working in the industry since 2011 and got the chance to work on various products using different technologies and tech stacks. In my most recent role I was building distributed services for a no-code decision automation SaaS platform running in the cloud using serverless technologies operated through Kubernetes.

I’m a self-appointed Kotlin enthusiast since 2016 and have been teaching other people to ace the language as well. I’m one of the top contributors to the [kotlin] tag on StackOverflow and gave many talks about Kotlin in the past. You can read about my experiences with Kotlin on kotlinexpertise.com, my Kotlin blog which is not longer being maintained.

Find out more about my background here.

I’m a Digital Nomad who enjoys traveling a lot. You can book my services if your team allows 100% remote settings. I’m looking forward to speaking to you soon.